Friday, July 3, 2009


nearly always composed, nicely quiet, notably cute.

our number 4.

patiently waits, politely asks, properly behaves.

our blond haired, blue eyed anomaly.

that is, of course, until this occurred.

our picture of composer has gotten in touch with her feelings!

if you have been keeping up with us these days you know that we have brought a number 5 into our daytime april adds joy to our lives monday through friday, letting us love on her while her momma(our dear neighbor and friend) works.

all was going as smooth as a road not maintained by the county until sweet number 4 realized she had to wait!

i will admit, for a moment(or ten) i was sure someone had swiped my precious child and replaced her with this screaming look-a-like!

while i am admitting things, i might as well add that a few(actually many) times throughout this day i felt like joining her on the floor.

a nice big fit, complete with throwing one's self all about sounded pretty darn good!

thankfully i managed(by God's matchless grace) to keep myself upright all day long.

summer break is well under way and we are all still loving each other.

and...we continue to learn that our feelings are NOT the standard by which we are called to live.

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