Friday, July 10, 2009

the hardest number of kids... one more than the number of kids you have already!

yesterday i took five kids(remember my new nanny job??)
to the local science center...phew!

luckily my dear neighbor/friend/running partner/babysitter-in-a-pinch came along with her two kids, so we were 2 on 7...i think that is what is meant by "zone" defense.

today(i must have short term memory issues!) i decided to take the same five kids to the beach!

yup, that's and five little people ages 3mo. to 6 years! (once again, my dear neighbor met us at the beach...this time it felt more like "prevent" than "zone"!)

within a few minutes of arriving i had three of the five screaming over various things(sand in the eyes, salt water in the eyes, starving for food...normal beach stuff). the screaming lasted so long that a grumpy older gentleman laying in the sand near where we landed(crashed really!) scooped up all of his stuff in disgust and moved himself and his three teenage kids (very) far away from us, grumbling the whole way about how we were ruining his day at the beach.

apparently i am not the only one with memory issues!

if you are hoping to see some sweet, sunny shots of small ones at the seashore, please re-read the part about how i took FIVE kids to the beach!!! :)

i have, however, included friday night pizza night pics to make you smile.

although i am definitely outnumbered these days, i am also overwhelmingly blessed!

my quiver is very full!

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Lisa said...

See, look. You appeared on my blog roll and now I know you posted. Two things were accomplished: I am now caught up on your life and a little more grateful for mine. Thank God Al Gore invented the internet, right?