Friday, July 9, 2010

american anniversary

not much beats getting to sit and listen as your dad explains what fourth of july means to your two year old daughter...

listening to my dad tell her about it refreshed all that i hold dear in my heart about our country.

i love fourth of july...the food, the family, the swimming, the fire works.

while in nor. cal. we enjoyed tons of all of the above!

around dusk we headed to a neighboring town to spread out blankets, chat with each other and await pure darkness and a truly spectacular fireworks show.

there was a gentle hum of conversation flowing through the wide open grassy park...soft night breezes, kids laughing and playing, families everywhere you looked, enjoying each other.

suddenly, all conversations stopped, kids froze in place, and everyone's eyes were drawn to the dark night sky.

it was awesome!

i took turns between watching the bright flashes and appreciating the awe on my two year old's face as she watched in wonder. (last year she hid her face for the full 30 minute show!)

except for the chest pounding booms, the park was silent.

i let my eyes wander around at other families enjoying the moment...
my eyes were drawn to the glow of a rectangular shape in a teenage girl's hands...her i-phone.

she was (i think) texting! never once looking up to notice the moment she was in, she seemed happy to just stare at her little technilogical advancement.

i felt sad for her, that she was missing such a sweet celebration of all that is freedom for us in this country.

i looked back at my sweet blonde firecracker and prayed a silent prayer...

God let all these little ones around me never get too old or be too cool for such awesome moments in life.

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