Friday, July 30, 2010


a couple days ago our neighborhood grew...just a little over 20 inches taller and not quite 9 pounds Audrey is finally here!
(don't panic people, i am talking about my neighbor's baby!!)

we got to play with audrey's siblings the day she was born(grace and clark) and had a blast playing with glop, play dough, drawing, painting nails and swimming!

we took some pics for audrey and her parents to look back on to see what grace and clark were doing on july 27th, 2010!!

happy birthday day sweet audrey!(that's what everyone was shouting!)

we are so glad you are healthy and here!!

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Melissa said...

Oh my gosh Christa, just when I think you can't get any sweeter! You make this post and I'm on the verge of tears. Thanks for being THE BEST neighbor ever!