Saturday, July 17, 2010

summer rules

the tightly scheduled days of the school year have been shed from our minds like skin from a snake!

these days we are staying up late, sleeping in(sort of!), eating crazy things for meals at random times of the day, riding our bikes to RiteAide(Thrifty to those of us who can remember!)for ice cream cones, playing at the beach, enjoying parks...but best of all...

we have been swimming!!

after our fantastic time at gram and papa's pool and a great time had at a water pool/park/splash pad with the cousins, we came back down south and decided to find ourselves a place to swim!

after some searching, we found what had the potential to be a totally awesome place, complete with a huge beach entrance pool, fun things that squirt water from them, and a HUGE water slide! the best part...anyone under 17 is FREE!!!!!! (i know, crazy,right!?)

upon arriving we found out several not so fun rules...
1. each child under 7 must be with their own adult...within arm's reach at all times(impossible for a mom of four small peeps to accomplish!)
2. the slide doesn't open till 12, even though the pool opens at 11(torture!)
3. no running
4. no crying
5. no laughing(ok, maybe i was just imagining that the life guards were all thinking this should be a rule!)
6. no eating(what!?)
7. no one under 48inches on the slide(can you hear my boys screaming and crying??)
8. no having any fun at anytime, at all!(ok, that wasn't an actual rule, but it felt like it!)

(as garrett would say) total downer dude!

so we packed up our stuff and headed home and pulled out our own "pool"

(it is a far cry from papa and gram's cool pool...but heh,it's better than nothing!)

we pulled it out, dusted it off, pumped and filled it up(with a hand pump! my back is killing me!). then i sat on the couch with a good book and enjoyed the endless laughter out my front door!

the kids played all day, only asking for the occasional plate of fruit/veggies and pretzels to refuel, and then they went back to their sweet summertime fun!

it's got a slow leak, which i have yet to find, and loses more water than i care to admit each night(not very drought friendly!!), but otherwise it is awesome! :)

the best part...

tons of splashing, playing, laughing, running, eating and occasional crying allowed!!

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marissa said...

This is the greatest ever! I can only imagine how much fun my kids would have in their own swimming pool in the driveway. Awesome! I can see why the other pool was free to kids - nobody would want to come.