Sunday, March 27, 2011

bag lady

this is elia...our resident bag lady. she has bags for her bags...stuffing any and every thing she finds about the house in them. she just loves to carry a bag!

i have never carried...nor even ever owned a purse.(i even hate the word!)

my whole life...never.

not sure why.

perhaps it was because i never knew exactly what was supposed to go in it.
or maybe the idea of having to carry something all the time was annoying to me.

over the past 8 1/2 years i have been resigned to toting around some form or another of a diaper bag.

the term "diaper bag" is used loosely here, since way more than diapers were stored in the bag.

over the years i have found good use for said bag, shoving such things as wipes, water, snacks, rocks, trash, even a tiny dinosaur or two in the handy little bag.

my diaper and wipe days have finally come to an end this past year, but i find myself still clutching a "bag"(not even a cute one!)...usually with not much more in it than my keys, a pen and some chap stick.

this morning, while sitting in church, i found myself irritated at the "snif snif snif" coming from my sweet girls on my two sides. colds have completely taken over my household these days...the reason i was at church with all my kids but no husband...but i digress. after ignoring the sniffle-ing for as long as i could, i finally grabbed my handy little bag and (quietly!) rifled through trying to scrounge tissue (or anything really!) that i could use to blow the tiny noses to my right and left.

i pulled my hand out empty...nothing! not even an old gum wrapper!

i sat there, perplexed, wondering why the heck i carry such a bag and have NO TISSUE in it!

after a few more minutes of thinking (and sniffle-ing!) i decided desperate times called for desperate measures!

i asked elia to give me her sock. yup! a little sock seemed like a perfect substitute for a tissue! she said no...and was totally offended at the idea! not to mention the thought of having to then "only have one sock, mom!"


so...i did what any mother of little ones with runny noses in a quiet church service would do...i took off my own sock!

no joke.

it worked like a champ!

spent the rest of the service enjoying a wonderful sermon without any sniffling!

ahhh, the quiet!

plus, i had a handy "bag" for storing the now nasty, wet sock!

of course, my left foot was pretty cold by the time we headed home.

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