Wednesday, March 23, 2011


many years ago i was blessed to meet and be loved by a dear woman name LeeAnne. she was a missionary in MX while i was there...she lives there still, sharing Jesus with the people of that turmoil-ed country.
every once in a while, during an overnight layover here in la, we get to see her!
this time(like last time!!!) she gathered us up (all 6 of us!) and treated us to a fantastically fun evening of silly games and too much pizza!

a flashback to my childhood...
we went to Chuckee Cheese!!!

it is the perfect place for our time...we sit and visit nearly non stop...pausing just long enough to hand the kids more pizza or tokens!

her visits are always WAY too short, but every minute is precious to us!


We miss you already LeeAnne! Thank you(from all of us!)so much for the awesome gift of your time and love!!!!

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