Monday, March 7, 2011

making friends

we've been so blessed by our newest LA friends...the Forgeng girls!! (that's what we call them!)

they are the neatest family, recently moving here from PA to plant a church and love los angelians. except for their PA loyalties(Phillies and Eagles fans!!), they totally rock!

besides the amazing way we met them(that is another post!), is that their family has the same number of kids as ours! plus, three of their four were born in the same month and year as three of our four, and our "fourths" are only a few months apart!

"the girls" were over the other day, and while they were here, they showed our four how to make "friends" out of footed jammies and tons of blankets, pillows and a favorite stuffed animal at the top!

it was a hilarous afternoon!

a perfect rainy day activity!

we love our Forgeng girls...your family makes LA so much the sweeter!

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Jessica said...

Awww... that is sooo cute! We really love you!! You are an amazing blessing to us! I can hardly believe the gift you are to us!! Can you help me with my blog? I need to do this with you!!! And you even have music playing in the backround!!!