Monday, June 21, 2010

nor. cal beach bum

a few days ago our awesome nephew/cousin arrived into so. cal for a week of surf camp in santa monica!

we are loving having him in our family!

we miss the rest of his GREAT family back in Newcastle, so we are going to post tons of pics (trying to make you proud jon!) here on our blog for you to see...(emma, benny, jon and becca we wish you were here too!!!)

wakin up for the first day of surf camp...squished in the middle of cousins who love him like crazy!

selah requested monkey bread for our first day of summer vacation breakfast! it was yummy...but don't worry, the boy had yogurt, sausage and a banana too!!

getting dressed for the sand and sun...he did a great job getting sunscreen everywhere!

arriving at the santa monica life guard tower #28! (jon you would have been so proud of me...bringing my camera to the beach!)

one happy surf camper...four totally jealous cousins! we decided we would start saving up our fun money for next summer! a must do camp adventure for any kid!

wet suited up and ready...i think he was tired of my camera!

love you...
c6 s1


Jon said...

Keep 'em coming!!! I love them all, including your descriptions. I totally wish I was there to see it in person. Say hi to the fam for me.


Stanphill Family said...

Thanks for the pictures and the updates. Just for you...check our blog!