Thursday, June 24, 2010

skate camp?

he came to ride the waves, but after tuesday's day at the beach we headed over to our local skate park so he could slide across some cement. (he's got endless energy!)

keep in mind how tiny and archaic my camera is as you check out these fotos! :)

here's what the "others" did...

we were hoping they would get to ride their scooters in the park as well...but no dice. instead they found a pretty long, fast hill to race down. (think carter on his push bike down that huge hill)

(small blond girls with no steering mechanism on their motorcycles not allowed on fast down hills!)

miss you



what was the name of your orthopedic surgeon???

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Stanphill Family said...

Thanks for telling the story with photos. Benjamin Williams.....ortho....let's hope you don't need it for my blond one....or any of yours. Looks like fun!