Friday, June 25, 2010

defying gravity

there's this great little playground right next to where the surf camp sign in sign out happens. each am and pm we all love to play there while fetching the blond boy...

surrounding the playground are at least a hundred six inch round cement posts that stand about four feet tall, and about six inches apart...they line the edge of the whole playground.

they beg to be walked along!

...or jumped along!

some of the palm frawns hung low enough for them to leap off the table and swing on like tarzan!

cement trash cans, solid, hard, scratchy tables and tall palm trees were not safe with these boys around.

they played for quite some time after surf camp ended...

as we were heading out, i ran back for the pile of flip flops that we had left on a bench...this was written on the bench where we had left them...

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