Tuesday, June 22, 2010

sandy pants

(me)-how was your first day of surf camp joe?
(joe)-it was good.
(i'm working on my 11 year old translation)...let's see, i think that means, "it was totally awesome! my parents are so rad for paying to send me here to do this! it totally rocks!!"

he came home physically wiped out but still managed to take three of our four on a bike/skate board ride around our neighborhood, sit through karate, and tolerate lots of sibling yelling,fit throwing and crying...all without any complaining on his part.

i think i may keep him! (it's a fair trade...a bit more laundry, a few extra boxes of granola, sand in the fridge...and in exchange i get some free babysitting!)

you guys would be so impressed with his manners...

he says please and thank you with no prompting.
he has not started one sibling fight.
he has rinsed every dish he has used(seriously!)
he has made mo messes...well, except the sand in the fridge and spilling the offering plate at church...but, come on, that could happen to anyone!!

he has been GREAT! :)

here are some more pics...we aren't allowed to take any of them surfing till friday...so i will send you those then.

he came home from surfing, changed clothes, refueled with food and then hit the sidewalks with his other board!

he was able to bring home his wet suit yesterday, so this morning, after thoroughly covering his body with sun screen he squeezed into his sandy pants and was ready to surf!

here's the real reason he passed out last night after a huge bowl of chicken soup and a hot shower! cousin overload!

ok...this one is just my kid, but, isn't he so cute! he is working on drawing clouds...he aspires to be an artist, along with like a hundred other things!

totally wish you were here to enjoy it all too! it's hard enjoying it without you...
we found a cool set of beach condos right across from where they surf each day and decided that you need to come rent one next summer! :)
love you

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Jon said...

So funny!! Joseph language is hard to understand. It's even worse on the phone. The pictures are awesome. Why won't the let you take photos at the beach?? That sucks! Thanks for having him, we really appreciate it. And thanks for taking him to the skate park...that might be his favorite part of the entire trip! Call me when you get a chance. -J