Sunday, June 20, 2010

The men in my life

God has blessed me with some amazing men in my life.

i have an incredible father!

i have the most wonderful Gramps in the world!

i have a brother that has become a fabulous father!

i am married to the sweetest man who is daily becoming an amazing father to our kids!

i inherited a terrific Grampy that our kids adore!

i am reminded of these tremendous men in my life regularly, but especially today... Father's Day!

i praise God for each of you. He has and continues to shape my life through you in countless ways.

today i pray your hearts are filled up with Our Heavenly Father's love for you...

in the same way He has so filled mine with yours!

here are some smiley faces that send their love to you!!!

we love you!!!

Happy Father's Day!

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