Thursday, August 26, 2010

camped out

here's what i learned from camping out in our backyard with five little people(our neighbor grace joined our outback adventure!!)...

1. miguel snores!

2. samuel does not spend more than 20 minutes in any one position while sleeping!

3. you really can see stars at night in LA...and not just the famous movie kind!!
4. using the rain cover is ALWAYS a good idea, even in the "warm" summer months of LA! (we were covered in dew by midnight!)

5. waking your husband at midnight to help you put a rain cover on the tent is NEVER a good idea!

6. sleeping with elia is soooo cozy!

7. the freeways we live next door to are WAY louder than i thought!

8. and finally...sleeping under the stars with our sweet mess is a summer memory i will never forget!

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