Wednesday, August 18, 2010

family builder

just finished my first round of a book called "Marriage Builder" by Larry Crabb.

i say first round, because it was too dense with hard information for me to absorb in one read. this is how i felt after round one...

i cautiously recommend it to anyone out there looking to be completely shaken up and spiritually challenged in their marriage and life.

i say cautiously because it is a very serious book...not to be read lightly. it cuts to the heart of the biblical view about marriage...the idea of "one-flesh" and our true ministry in life as a marriage partner.

i loved it, even though it was painful to realize many of my misconceptions about realize my need to confess my many failures and sins as a wife.

ironically, i found it very applicable to the raising of children...Larry Crabb could write the same book again and call it "Family Builder". (if he does, i deserve some type of financial compensation for the idea!!)

he speaks of how God never commands us to enjoy every human in the world...but He does require that we accept everybody...even the really difficult ones!

he explains that the ability to accept others as they are comes from our ability to grasp(really, truly allow to enter in to the darkest recesses of our hearts) God's complete forgiveness of our every sin. this leads to our ability to forgive deeply everyone else's sins against us. (this is where i really struggled to keep reading...i admit i am a bit of a grudge-holder!)

but the joy that comes from letting the truth of my being totally secure, completely significant, wonderfully loved and endlessly forgiven, is, well, looks like this...

a must read for every spouse...for every parent...for every human!

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