Sunday, August 29, 2010

checked boxes

our summer ended the way it started...

we all slept in as long as we wanted and then awoke to cozy coastal fog that begged for a blanket and hot cocoa. after cuddling on the couch while we slowly came to, we enjoyed yummy, sticky monkey bread that had filled our little home with sweet cinnamon smells!

the only part we were missing was our surfing cousin...
we savored our monkey bread while we remembered that first week of summer break...

Joe, we miss you!!! in your honor, we played "slug bug" all summer long, keeping track of everyone's score!
miguel won with over 200!
selah counted 197
samuel found 190
dan had 68, i think...
and i...well, i just counted it a real blessing to have survived being in a van with five other people who were constantly screaming, "slug bug!" for 10 weeks straight!

so it is...summer has ended. we jumped back on to that crazy train ride called school...filling out paperwork, stuffing backpacks, making space in our heads and our house for a schedule that is not our own and homework that stretches our brains(ALL our brains!)

our summer-o-fun calendar came down, the list of fun things we wanted to do all checked off.

i have had more fun with my four than any summer so far, enjoying them in new ways, enjoying every day!

after a mini panic attack the night before school started, and a few other "mini" attacks over these first two days, we are all aboard and hanging on as the school train races down the track!

hold on to your hats people, it goes pretty darn fast!

though we may have our heads in books and hands to pencil and paper, our hearts will be here...

we may even sneak away to remember our warm sandy days!

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