Friday, August 13, 2010


i forget to laugh.
my first reaction to just about everything is angry...snappy, pre-judging, "what!" that is my knee jerk reaction. i am a "mountain out of a mole hill" kind of person.
elia came and told on miguel...he was doing something to someone( i can't remember now) and after her tattling was over she asked, "are you gunna be mad now mom?".
even she knows that is my normal response.

my sweet friend alexes from SF always told me(and was a great example of) how laughing through things makes most grievances go away, or at least not seem so bad.

i am trying harder to live out her wise advice. this post is full of pics to help remind me to laugh!

thanks ali...i miss you so much!

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mary gaston said...

Ahhh, you could have been describing me, Christa! Trying to work on that as well--although you have TWICE as many opportunities with TWICE as many kids as I have! :)

So the head down in the laundry basket made ME laugh out loud!