Monday, August 9, 2010

dog days of summer

for father's day the kids and i gave dan a four game package of tickets to go see one of his two favorite baseball teams...the dog-ers...i mean the dodgers.

this was very hard for me to do, being that i was born and raised a sf giants fan!

but, i swallowed my pride(sort of) and it has turned out to be a really fun gift!

dan enjoyed the first game against his other favorite team, the ny yankeys, with our neighbor...and then on saturday he took samuel to his first ever MLB game!(two of our other three will go to the next two games!)

they had a complete blast...enjoying sunflower seeds and cracker jacks while watching a great game!

i am now enduring endless renditions of "take me out to the ball game", which i would not normally mind, except when they get to the part about "...root root root for the hometeam" they insert (in a very loud, deep voice) "THE DODGERS!" UG!!

it seems, for now at least, that our sweet mess is bound to be dodger fans.

don't worry Papa, when dan isn't around i remind them that the SF Giants are our real family team!)

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mary gaston said...

AND the Giants have a better record!!

Miss you guys. Love your blog title. Look forward to catching up more with your family. :)